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Using ethnographic-style conversations online followed by in-home friend triads, we uncovered a range of factors explaining our collective indifference to hunger here in the U.S. Above all, we learned that our concern for people struggling with hunger is often conditional. This transformational insight was the basis of a game-changing campaign that successfully triggered empathy and action among Feeding America’s designated audiences.


Tasked with understanding how consumers shop for- and purchase water filters on behalf of Whirlpool’s EveryDrop brand, we launched social listening efforts and tapped a mobile moments panel to better understand buying drivers and barriers. Those findings helped us develop three behavioral-based shopper archetypes with detailed descriptions of how, when, and why each persona navigates a path-to-purchase map we designed. More importantly, this research revealed an unmet category opportunity that shaped future messaging and packaging.


The Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts brand team and Leo Burnett wanted to better understand what young adults and teens find funny—in general and with branded content. We designed the research so that young people curated individual Pinterest boards showing us their humor sources and sensibilities. They also gave us examples of ads that got humor “right” and “wrong” with explanations for what makes something shareable. Our analysis provided detailed guidance on how branded humor can be both persuasive and entertaining so young people are laughing with marketers, not at them.


Leo Burnett is responsible for some of advertising’s most iconic campaigns and characters. That’s why we were thrilled when they asked us to get their target’s take on a new character for Silk soy & almond milk. Workshops with current and prospective buyers elicited unfiltered feedback on how the character resonated and its effectiveness at conveying the campaign idea and product benefits. We later conducted a second phase of research to explore refined versions of the character to assess which best delivered key equities for Silk prior to subsequent quantitative testing.


Early in the creative process, Havas was developing a new campaign for Hefty Ultimate and wanted to know how a few different “big ideas” under consideration were working, with an eye toward which had most potential. Our work yielded in-depth understanding of how people processed and related to the core strategic thoughts with evidence showing how each fared with breakthrough, relevance, persuasiveness and overall impact on Hefty Ultimate brand perceptions. Our partnership helped identify which direction best delivered the brief with advice on executional refinements.


We were commissioned to explore newly developed creative assets meant to build on the huge success of the #DadJokesRule PSA campaign. Through a series of nationwide video chats among full-time and part-time dads across America, we discovered that the new #DanceLikeADad campaign was also poised to deliver on key objectives and with a few minor adjustments the work would consistently show fathers how small, everyday moments can have a big and lasting impact with their kids.


AlEn and Cavalry were launching a new greener household cleaner in the US, so they asked us to help understand and bring to life a new target identified in a segmentation study. We conducted three iterative and complementary qualitative phases including mobile chats, video chats, and in-person friend triads to explore her take on “greener” and “cleaner” in household care to develop a strategy for prompting trial. Our work helped uncover inroads with this audience along with other tactics to ensure an effective launch strategy.


A family-owned and operated auto dealership group serving Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado was looking to solidify their market position by getting unfiltered feedback on everything that drives perceptions of its brand. We executed three phases of research, which included social listening, sales associate IDIs, secret shopper visits using mobile missions, and small group discussions to identify brand strengths to celebrate, red flag issues to address, and other opportunities in this rapidly evolving marketplace.


NorthShore University HealthSystem in Chicago had an enviable ‘problem’ on their hands. Their previous campaign had performed incredibly well, but now it was time to build on that positive momentum with a new iteration of the strategic positioning. We explored two campaign routes in workshop-style discussion groups to see how each direction played with key stakeholders. Our collaboration with the client and its agency partners helped identify critical messaging elements with optimization opportunities.