Left brain, meet right brain.

Bringing the two together helps us provide bullet-proof branding advice. It’s discipline and results, paired with creativity and ideas.

We call it…


thinking in stereo


Qualitative research is the basis of our strategic guidance. Our expertise is uncovering how, when, and why these dimensions intersect...


And we always put the discussion above the guide.


We believe better outcomes begin with asking better questions. That motivated curiosity starts at the proposal stage and carries through to recruitment, the conversations we have with all stakeholders, and informs the final deliverables.

As researchers, we’re obsessed with facilitating candid and lively discussions about your brand and business issues. Everything we do revolves around having great conversations. Sometimes those take place in a group setting, sometimes via digital or mobile platforms - the format is whatever provides the best experience for participants.

Focus on actual behavior first. Then work to understand accompanying attitudes and perceptions.
— Keith Navratil, Co-Founder and Head Qualitative Researcher

Let's start thinking in stereo.